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Property Damage, Parties & Police. Why Do You Always Get Bad Tenants?

One of the main reasons that many people hold back from ever investing in long term buy and hold real estate is the old tenants and toilets issue. I’m quite positive that those things have also driven people to sell those investments off to someone else more well equipped than themselves to deal with the dreaded 3 am phone calls.

Bad tenants are a really tough thing to deal with.

I’ve had countertops busted up, walls smashed in and broken tub faucets left running for weeks.

“The cops were here again last night. There was a huge party over there and someone broke our bathroom window with a beer bottle”, is how I was greeted by a neighbour of a rental property one day when I stopped by.

Not fun.

Inconveniences, financial strain and a large dose of frustration sometimes comes along w...

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