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Episode 2: The one with Quentin D’Souza (Full Time Real Estate Investor & Educator)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Quentin-DSouza-264x300

  • Quentin reveals his history using “The Smith Manoeuvre”
  • Why cat pee often equals big pay days for Canadian real estate investors
  • Quentin’s “Ultimate Wealth Strategy” and how you too can make some serious money this year using it
  • The story on why one of his partners decided to walk away from $100,000
  • Quentin’s outlook on the Durham Region real estate market going forward
  • How you should properly select a target market to invest in
  • How to start your own real estate investment club
  • The #1 most important success strategy for new real estate investors
  • and much, much more!

You can learn more about Quentin D’Souza at,, and

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