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Episode 20: Joint Venture Presentation Formula with Joey Ragona


Here’s What You’ll Learn: Joey Ragona

  • How to attract joint venture money for your real estate deals
  • Why the deal does NOT simply sell itself
  • The systems you need in place to make deals happen easily
  • How to build a hungry list of money partners for your deals
  • The 2 step question to ask every joint venture prospect
  • How to close your joint venture prospect almost immediately
  • How to become a full time real estate investor while still having a life
  • And much, much more!

Click here to learn more about Joey Ragona and his Engage Investor Real Estate Business Coaching Academy.

Click here if you want to create your own ultimate Joint Venture presentation that works!

Joey focusses on helping passionate entrepreneurs & small business owners achieve more TIME to enjoy more LIFE & FREEDOM by strategically building a profitable, less chaotic business…without the sacrifice. He inspires & encourages young people to become entrepreneurs and master their passion.




To Vote Rob Break for Newcomer of the Year click here

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR – Presented by CREW Magazine

Rob’s accomplishments that suit the criteria for this award……

– Acquired a 5 bedroom student rental with a legal basement apt

– Completed a very successful Fix and Flip project with a JV partner

– Completed 2 very successful Buy Fix Refi and Rent deals with JV partners

– Completed 9 profitable wholesale assignment deals with other investors

– Self manage all of my properties

Durham Rei Inner Circle Member

– Completed several coaching and education programs in REI

Please feel free to ask your significant other to nominate as well 🙂


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4 comments to Episode 20: Joint Venture Presentation Formula with Joey Ragona

  • Victor P  says:

    Awesome site. Finally a site like this for Canadian investors and want to be investors.

  • Rob Break  says:

    Thanks for listening!
    Really appreciate the comment.

  • Jake  says:

    I think this guy was talking out of his ass on this podcast. Noone in their right mind would turn down 500k-1m. Stop living in a fairy world bro. I probably got the least out of this podcast than the rest

  • Kathy  says:

    @ Jake, from an investor’s perspective, not everyone wants to be a slave of money and over commit….

    Thank you Rob and Sandy for putting this together! I am probably on my 30th podcast now, a I always learn something. this is also a great source of information as I continue to build my team for our buy and hold strategies.

    Priceless Information indeed!

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