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Episode 39: The Sharing Economy with Glenn Carter

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Glenn Carter: glenn carter

  • What the sharing economy is and how it is affecting modern day real estate investors
  • How to make money in the sharing economy
  • How to leverage the sharing economy model to earn higher cashflow
  • Why the sharing economy matters and how it is affecting you as an investor
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about Glenn and the sharing economy at and take the quiz at

You can also pick up Part 1 of Glenn’s book Secrets of the Sharing Economy for free at

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2 comments to Episode 39: The Sharing Economy with Glenn Carter

  • Taheer Naraine  says:

    WOW!!!! What A wealth of knowledge in this podcast !!!
    Great podcast Sandy and Rob – thanks for the wealth Glenn!!!!


  • Glenn Carter  says:

    Taheer, thanks so much for the comment, let me know how your sharing economy adventure goes!

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