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Episode 41: Mothers Of Real Estate with Gillian Irving, Monika Jazik, and Rachel Oliver

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mothers Of Real Estate: Mothers Of Real Estate

  • Each of their stories going from beginners to expert real estate investors
  • Why they chose their particular areas of expertise
  • How to balance family life with business and real estate
  • How you to can get started in real estate no matter what situation you’re currently in
  • How to go from Confused to Confident in 7 weeks
  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about The Mothers of Real Estate at and you can attend their real estate club meetings at


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3 comments to Episode 41: Mothers Of Real Estate with Gillian Irving, Monika Jazik, and Rachel Oliver

  • YY  says:

    Great podcast – ones like this, the one with Tracy Ma and Gillian Irving really helped to get my wife on-board with real estate investing.

    Some ideas for future podcasts:

    You guys endorse Audible – so how about a list of recommended real estate investing books available on Audible? I looked for Julie’s “More than Cashflow” but they don’t have it yet.

    I would love to hear from investors who are into larger multi family investments, 5+ units.

    Since you have a lot of local content, maybe add a calendar to this site or a shout out on your podcast to list any interesting upcoming events with local real estate investing clubs. With your ability to get great speakers, you should start your own meetup.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jana  says:

    Hi guys. Your podcasts are great. I just tried to subscribe to 7 freedom activators report and your link is not working. When I click the button, nothing happens.
    If you could send it to me, would be much appreciated.


    • mm Sandy Mackay  says:

      Hi Jana…it should be working now. Could you try it again and let us know if there is still an issue.

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