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Episode 43: Real Estate Networking and System Creation with Ben Eko-Davis

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Ben Eko-Davis:Ben Eko-Davis

  • The difference between Foreclosure and Power of Sale properties
  • The top tools and systems to make your real estate business run smoothly and efficiently
  • Why real estate investing is becoming more popular and how this affects you as an investor
  • Why real estate is a must have asset in your investment portfolio
  • The importance of networking in your real estate career
  • How to hire and train a virtual assistant
  • Why its still OK to have a full time job and the advantages of keeping that job
  • And much, much more!


Like most Canadians, Ben found himself unsatisfied with the performance of traditional investments (Mutual Funds, GICs, RRSPs and TFSA). So in 2010 Ben decided to explore his options in Real Estate. After his first few investments he quickly began to see the many benefits and advantages Real Estate Investing can provide. You can learn more about Ben Eko-Davis and his company Truly Invested by clicking here.

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2 comments to Episode 43: Real Estate Networking and System Creation with Ben Eko-Davis

  • Gary  says:

    Hi Rob and Sandy,
    Nice episode with Ben Eko-Davis. I always enjoy hearing how people get their start in Real Estate investing and Ben’s was an interesting start. Please keep up the good work and continue on with many more episodes!! I’ve listened to just about everyone of them and look forward to the next one.

  • Ben  says:

    Hey Gary,

    Thanks for the comments. This was an awesome experience getting interviewed by Rob and Sandy as I am a big fan and listener of the podcast. Check out to check out videos from our monthly meetings.
    Much success,

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