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Episode 45: Legal 2nd Suites with Andy Tran

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Andy Tran:Andy Tran

  • The benefits of adding secondary suites
  • The difference between legal and non-legal secondary suites
  • Important items to look for when purchasing a house and adding a secondary suite
  • By-laws you must be aware of when attempting to add a legal suite
  • And much, much more!

Since 2011 Andy has been the Manager of Education Development for Carson, Dunlop & Associates Ltd., an engineering firm and private college specializing in home inspections. He is also an instructor for Ontario students wishing to become home inspectors. Andy has seen numerous 2nd suites as a home inspector, and advised many homeowners on how to do it correctly. Andy hopes to provide as much information as he can based on his research, experience and training to assist those who have an interest in building it properly.

You can learn much more about Andy, and download his FREE E-book –  Legal 2nd Suites: A Beginner’s Guide by going to


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2 comments to Episode 45: Legal 2nd Suites with Andy Tran

  • Megan  says:

    Hi Rob and Sandy,

    Thank you very much the wonderful content in your podcasts. I learn a lot listening to them!.

    Could you prepare a podcast which would explain the impact of the expected economic downturn on the real estate market in Ontario?

    Another idea – what are the Ontario emerging real estate market and what strategy is applicable to each of them.

    Thank you very much!

  • YY  says:

    Hi Guys – Thanks for all the great content. In response to your shout out for podcast ideas, I would like to hear about mixed use commercial and small apartment buildings (5-20 units). Thanks.

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