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Episode 48: Joint Venture Investing with Chris Shebib

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Chris Shebib:Chris Shebib

  • How to manage joint venture partnerships
  • Advantages of being both the money partner and the real estate expert in typical joint venture partnerships
  • How to overcome objections when “pitching” ideas to potential joint venture partners
  • The most important personal characteristics needed to be a great real estate investor
  • Lessons learned from enduring 2 economic down cycles
  • And much, much more!

Chris was awarded Joint Venture of the Year for 2016. Holding careers in the past as a licensed carpenter / contractor, software engineer and digital marketer, Chris brings a breadth of experience to what is now a full time real estate investment career. Chris is the Owner/Managing Director at Five Properties Inc.

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2 comments to Episode 48: Joint Venture Investing with Chris Shebib

  • Clarke Gallie  says:

    Hello, I have a question relating to Windsor, Ontario. If I have a property I would like to know the owner of, how would I go about finding this information?

  • Helene  says:

    Hi, like Chris I’ve been doing investment “on the side”. What weekend conference did he attend that explained to him the “business of” investing?

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