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Episode 56: Derik Smits on Enjoying Real Estate Investing and 10xing Your Net Worth

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Derik Smits: derik smits

  • How to go from 1 property to buying 7 properties in less than 1 year
  • The BFRR strategy and why its so exciting
  • Importance of finding your power team
  • The most important systems when ramping up your investment portfolio
  • How to structure joint venture investments
  • Why real estate is so exciting and how it can 10x your net worth
  • And much, much more!

Derik is an active investor building wealth through real estate.  After years of having one investment property he decided to ramp up his portfolio in 2016 buying into multi-unit residential housing, flips and RTOs. He identified that strategically investing in duplexes in the Durham area, was the best and safest way for him to create positive cash-flow and passive wealth. From endless offers on the MLS and private sales, he is always looking for more profitable investment opportunities.

You can get in touch with Derik at:

dsmits at


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