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Episode 58: Mr. Refi on Succeeding with the Buy Fix Refinance Rent Strategy

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Mr Refi:Platinum Properties

  • How to identify great deals and take action on them
  • Why the Buy Fix Refinance and Rent strategy is so great
  • How to get a most out of a refinance on your property
  • Why or why not to purchase properties with illegal rental units
  • Which renovations add the most value to rental properties
  • How to best manage your real estate power team
  • And much, much more!

Mr Refi has mastered the Buy Fis Refinance and Rent strategy focussing the majority of his efforts in the Hamilton Ontario market. He has primarily used this strategy to grow his portfolio from zero to 40+ units in less than 2 years, all while keeping his regular day job.

You can get in touch with Mr Refi at:

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