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Episode 7: The one with Gary Hibbert (How to do Rent to Own Deals in Canada)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:gary hibbert

  • How Rent to Own deals are actually done in Canada
  • How to stop simply living for the weekend and start building your wealth through real estate
  • How to use innovative and creative thinking to help struggling Canadian homeowners and get paid for it
  • How to find great Rent to Own tenants
  • How to structure Rent to Own deals properly
  • What price point you should look for to make Rent to Own deals work
  • The importance of having Buy and Hold properties as well as Rent to Own
  • and a whole lot more…..
  • In less than 3 years, Gary and his company has secured and brokered almost $25 Million in residential real estate, and personally acquired over $5 Million in real estate investments. Visit or to find out more about Gary.
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