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ROB BREAK/Mr. Breakthrough

Rob is a visionary and entrepreneur in the world of residential investment real estate, with an impressive history as a successful wholesaler. Exceptional at marrying buyers and sellers within the investment real estate community, Rob has coached and advised countless investors through the various processes of acquisition.
Notable for his forte in the industry and his innate knack for finding ideal income generating properties, Rob knows how to add value for his clients.  In addition, Rob is well versed in tenant relationships and can speak to this firsthand as he himself has a growing portfolio of investment real estate holdings.
Forging programs such as Joint Venture, Money Partners and the Buy, Fix and Refinance Strategy in the Durham Region, Rob is ahead of the game in all facets of this niche market, so much so that even The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine recently recognized him for his business savvy!
Rob’s passion is to educate on the benefits of property ownership so that more Canadians will enjoy wealthy retirements. He is instrumental in showing the value of fixing up properties to earn top cash flow and converting single family residences into 2-unit dwellings. He believes strongly that the market conditions are ripe for investing.
Rob is a passionate Real Estate Salesperson with Re/Max Jazz in Durham Regon.  He welcomes anyone to contact him directly to talk about real estate.

Mr. Breakthrough





Sandy is an experienced investor and realtor with Keller Williams Complete Realty in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Sandy has worked on hundreds of real estate transactions since 2011 both as a realtor and investor. Sandy’s main focus is providing a world class real estate experience of buying or selling property for his clients. Sandy MacKay and his team Mackay Realty Network stay on top of the cutting edge of real estate innovations.

You can reach out to Sandy through his office at 905-308-8333 or



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