Episode 46: Helping Your Real Estate Business Excel with Chuck Reynolds

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Chuck Reynolds:Chuck Reynolds

  • How to live life with an abundance mindset and the effect this can have on your life as an investor
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and live to your true potential
  • How to invest in real estate while saving plenty of time for your family
  • Strategies for adding value to properties
  • The importance of developing yourself and setting clearly...
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Episode 45: Legal 2nd Suites with Andy Tran

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Andy Tran:Andy Tran

  • The benefits of adding secondary suites
  • The difference between legal and non-legal secondary suites
  • Important items to look for when purchasing a house and adding a secondary suite
  • By-laws you must be aware of when attempting to add a legal suite
  • And much, much more!

Since 2011 Andy has been the Manager of Education Development for Carson, Dunlop & ...

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Episode 44: Scaling Your Real Estate Business with Jeff Woods

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Jeff Woods:Jeff Woods

  • How and when to delegate tasks
  • How to trigger exponential growth in your business
  • Jeff’s number one strategy needed for scaling your business
  • The type of people to look for when you’re hiring
  • How to feel great about giving up control in your business
  • Useful tools that you can use to stay organized and structured
  • And much, much more!

Jeff is an awar...

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Episode 43: Real Estate Networking and System Creation with Ben Eko-Davis

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Ben Eko-Davis:Ben Eko-Davis

  • The difference between Foreclosure and Power of Sale properties
  • The top tools and systems to make your real estate business run smoothly and efficiently
  • Why real estate investing is becoming more popular and how this affects you as an investor
  • Why real estate is a must have asset in your investment portfolio
  • The importance of networking in yo...
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Episode 42: Lessons Learned Buying 1 House Per Month and Keeping My Day Job, with John Kim

Here’s What You’ll Learn From John Kim: John Kim

  • How to make real estate investing fun!
  • Why real estate is one of the greatest wealth building opportunities ever
  • How to buy great properties in hot seller’s markets
  • How to buy properties without ever stepping foot in them
  • How to buy multiple properties this year without quitting your day job
  • How to attract joint venture money for your next investment
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Episode 41: Mothers Of Real Estate with Gillian Irving, Monika Jazik, and Rachel Oliver

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mothers Of Real Estate: Mothers Of Real Estate

  • Each of their stories going from beginners to expert real estate investors
  • Why they chose their particular areas of expertise
  • How to balance family life with business and real estate
  • How you to can get started in real estate no matter what situation you’re currently in
  • How to go from Confused to Confident in 7 weeks
  • And much, much more!
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Episode 40: Personal Branding with Julie Broad

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Julie Broad: Julie Broad

  • Why branding is important and how to do it at a high level
  • How to apply Julie’s MAGIC system to your branding
  • The most important questions to ask yourself when building your personal brand
  • The #1 thing you can do right now to improve your personal brand
  • Why communication is so important and how you can be better at it
  • And much, much more!

You ...

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Episode 39: The Sharing Economy with Glenn Carter

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Glenn Carter: glenn carter

  • What the sharing economy is and how it is affecting modern day real estate investors
  • How to make money in the sharing economy
  • How to leverage the sharing economy model to earn higher cashflow
  • Why the sharing economy matters and how it is affecting you as an investor
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about Glenn and the sharing economy at TheCasualCapital...

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Episode 38: Maximize Cashflow with the Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent Strategy

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mysterious Mr. Cashflow: cashflow

  • How the buy, fix, refinance rent strategy works
  • How to build a great power team in an unknown city
  • Why Hamilton may be the best place to invest right now
  • How to find great tenants even in not so great locations
  • Why cashflow is king
  • How to find great cash flowing properties even in very competitive seller’s markets
  • And much, much ...
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Investor Forum

Episode 37: The Investor Forum Preview with Jennifer Lichti and Quentin D’Souza

This special bonus episode features 2 guests: Investor Forum

Jennifer Lichti (KMI Publishing and Events)

Quentin D’Souza (Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach)

You’ll learn why you need to attend The Investor Forum and how to make the most of your time there...

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