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Episode 29: Maximizing Cash Flow with Ryan Carr

Renovating To Maximize ROI: Ryan Carr

  • His best strategies for  maximizing cash flow

  • How and why to get into real estate investing while you’re still young

  • The vertical and bi-level split techniques

  • And much, much more!

Find out more about Ryan Carr at

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Episode 28: Legal Advice for Landlords with Suzanne Bemrose

Here’s What You’ll Learn: suzanne bemrose

  • What the Residential Tenancies Act is and how it can help you

  • What to do with bad tenants

  • How to deal with the Landlord Tenant Board

  • The legal documentation you MUST keep to help you resolve any tenants issues

  • And much, much more!

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Episode 27: Professional Property Management with Jeff Varcoe

Keys to Great Property Management:

  • The top 5 questions to ask new prospective tenantsJeff Varcoe

  • The simplest ways to accept payment from tenants

  • His step by step tenant placement process

  • How to properly deal with late rent payments and evictions

  • How to attract the best possible tenants in the least amount of time

  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about Jeff Varcoe and his compan...

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Episode 26: Wholesaling Real Estate BONUS

The Ins and Outs of Wholesaling Real Estate:

  • How to make money in real estate with practically no money162eb89

  • How to buy property with zero money down

  • The fastest way to earn cash in real estate

  • What to look for when analyzing a potential deal

  • How to find cash buyers for your deals in any Canadian market

  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about about Rob and his real e...

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Episode 25: Invest in Student Rentals with Gillian Irving

Here’s What You’ll Learn: gillian_vertical_500x500

  • The best piece of advice she’s ever got about real estate investing

  • How to avoid owning the party house

  • Must have clauses for your student rental lease agreements

  • What to look for when analyzing a potential student rental property

  • How to structure joint venture deals on student rental properties

  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about ...

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Episode 24: Transitioning into a Full Time Real Estate Career with James Maggs

Here’s What You’ll Learn: James_RockStar_17-199x300

  • How to move into real estate full time
  • Why Hamilton is a great city to be investing in
  • The importance of having great property managers on your team
  • Why buying real estate is not the only great way to invest in real estate
  • How to find win win solutions and why they are the key to success in real estate
  • And much, much more!
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Episode 23: How to Finance Investment Properties with Dion Beg

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Dion Beg

  • How to best finance your rental properties so they match your long term goals
  • Why its important that work with an investor specializing mortgage professional
  • The ins and outs of financing an investment property in 2015 and beyond
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about Dion at

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Episode 22: Investing in the US With Chad Urbshott

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Chad Urbshott

  • Why and how to invest in real estate in the US
  • And much, much more!
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Episode 21: Toronto Investor Forum Preview & Giveaway

This special bonus episode features 4 guests:Investor Forum

John Mackenzie (General Manager Sales at KMI Publishing and Events)

Claude Boiron (Broker, Author, University Instructor, Speaker, Land Developer)

Gillian Irving (Real Estate Investor focussing on student rentals)

Quentin D’Souza (Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach)

You’ll learn why you need to attend this great event and how to make the most of your...

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Episode 20: Joint Venture Presentation Formula with Joey Ragona

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Joey Ragona

  • How to attract joint venture money for your real estate deals
  • Why the deal does NOT simply sell itself
  • The systems you need in place to make deals happen easily
  • How to build a hungry list of money partners for your deals
  • The 2 step question to ask every joint venture prospect
  • How to close your joint venture prospect almost immediately
  • How to become a full ...
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