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Episode 22: Investing in the US With Chad Urbshott

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Chad Urbshott

  • Why and how to invest in real estate in the US
  • And much, much more!
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Episode 21: Toronto Investor Forum Preview & Giveaway

This special bonus episode features 4 guests:Investor Forum

John Mackenzie (General Manager Sales at KMI Publishing and Events)

Claude Boiron (Broker, Author, University Instructor, Speaker, Land Developer)

Gillian Irving (Real Estate Investor focussing on student rentals)

Quentin D’Souza (Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach)

You’ll learn why you need to attend this great event and how to make the most of your...

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Episode 20: Joint Venture Presentation Formula with Joey Ragona

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Joey Ragona

  • How to attract joint venture money for your real estate deals
  • Why the deal does NOT simply sell itself
  • The systems you need in place to make deals happen easily
  • How to build a hungry list of money partners for your deals
  • The 2 step question to ask every joint venture prospect
  • How to close your joint venture prospect almost immediately
  • How to become a full t...
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Episode 19: Wholesaling Real Estate with Sean Howe

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Screen-Shot-2015-01-15-at-11.19.18-PM-300x176

  • What wholesaling real estate is all about
  • How to identify a great investment deal quickly and easily
  • What it takes to stick with it and get that first deal done
  • How to overcome all of your biggest obstacles when starting out as an investor
  • How to build a hungry list of buyers for your deals
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • And much, much more!

Click here to visit Se...

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Episode 18: Fix and Flip Real Estate with Ian Szabo

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Ian Szabo

  • How to fix and flip houses for profit in Canada
  • The renovations you need to focus on in order to add the most value to properties
  • His #1 juiciest secret on flipping houses in Canada
  • Why he got his real estate license and how its changed him and his business
  • Why Ian is giving away virtually everything he knows about real estate for free and where you can find it
  • W...
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Episode 17: Canadian Investor and Realtor Mark Loeffler

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Mark Loeffler

  • The 3 most important steps new investors should take to set themselves up for success
  • The importance of understanding your target market
  • How to select a target market to invest in
  • Why being a realtor doesn’t mean you’ll get all the best deals
  • The importance of reading books and educating yourself daily
  • How he took an 18 unit apartment building that absolutely no...
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Episode 16: The Strangest Secret

Top Quotes from Earl Nightingale in this Special Episode: earl nightingale

  • “You are now, and you do become, what you think about.” 
  • “Every one of us is the sum total of his own thoughts” 
  • “We’ve got to put the fuel in before we can expect heat. Likewise, we’ve got to be of service first before we can expect money. Don’t concern yourself with the money. Be of service. Build. Work. Dream. Create...
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Episode 15: Canadian Land Development With Blake Wyatt

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Blake Wyatt

  • How to analyze potential development land
  • How you can get involved in development projects even if you have little or no money to invest with
  • The challenges that come with development projects and how to overcome them
  • The key difference between land development projects in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Blake’s #1 tip for investors new to development projects
  • What a...
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Episode 14: 7 Tips To Identify A Great Real Estate Deal

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find the owner of any house you want
  • How to identify motivated sellers quickly and easily
  • The 3 most important questions to ask any potential seller
  • How to become an area expert
  • What to look out for when purchasing bank owned properties
  • How to compare properties to find out their correct market values
  • What to look for when estimating renovation ...
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Episode 13: Tracy Ma the Financial Nirvana Mama

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Tracy Ma

  • How to juggle a full time job, twin girls and a large real estate portfolio
  • The ins and outs of investing in different provinces
  • What to look for when evaluating a potential deal
  • How to select your target market
  • How to generate more income so you can take more family vacations
  • How to build a multi-million dollar investment portfolio in 7 years or less
  • And much, ...
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