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Episode 10: The Mindset of Millionaire Canadian Real Estate Investors with Jeff Woods

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Jeff Woods

  • How to fire your boss
  • The 3 most important areas of life that wealthy people focus on
  • How to overcome Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as a real estate investor
  • How to build and run multiple businesses
  • The importance of overcoming adversities in life
  • Why its always your fault
  • The importance of developing systems
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with amazing pe...
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Episode 9: Fix and Flip the Profitable Way with Fidan “Frank” Geneski

Here’s What You’ll Learn:fidan geneski

  • How to fix and flip Canadian real estate full time
  • When it makes sense for you as an investor to become a licensed realtor
  • How to overcome your fears of renovating
  • The mindset you need to fix and flip real estate
  • The importance of a having an awesome team
  • Where to find potential flip properties
  • How to finance fix and flip projects
  • How to analyze properties and...
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Episode 8: The one with Erik Mitchell (expert investor and educator)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Erik Mitchell

  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when investing in Canadian real estate
  • How to invest in real estate like a pro and not an amateur
  • The best insurance programs for your rental properties
  • How to get rid of crappy tenants quickly and easily
  • How to get vacant possession of every property you purchase
  • How to find opportunity in properties that no one else will touc...
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Episode 7: The one with Gary Hibbert (How to do Rent to Own Deals in Canada)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:gary hibbert

  • How Rent to Own deals are actually done in Canada
  • How to stop simply living for the weekend and start building your wealth through real estate
  • How to use innovative and creative thinking to help struggling Canadian homeowners and get paid for it
  • How to find great Rent to Own tenants
  • How to structure Rent to Own deals properly
  • What price point you should look for ...
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Episode 6: The 7 Freedom Activators (Part 1)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:free subscribe report

  • How to create more freedom for yourself as a Canadian real estate investor
  • Why you must treat your property like a business NOT a hobby
  • How and when to select your preferred tenant profile
  • How to compel your perfect tenant to respond to your ad and deter everyone else
  • How to attract, select and screen tenants properly
  • How to avoid the dreaded “professional t...
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Episode 5: The one with Tim Collins (Student Rental Investing)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Tim Collins

  • How to earn BIG cashflow with student rental properties in Canada.
  • How you can quit your job within 12 months thanks to student rental investing
  • The importance of having a great team behind you and how you can build that team.
  • What to look for when analyzing a student rental property in Canada.
  • How to avoid buying the party house
  • What gazumping, gazundering an...
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Episode 4: The one with Michael Dominguez (Canadian Realtor & Investor)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Michael Dominguez

  • What is so great about 2-unit properties in Canada and why you should be buying them up right now
  • How to stay optimistic in Canadian real estate when you encounter major challenges
  • His biggest mistake ever in real estate and the steps you can take to avoid it
  • Why Durham region may be the best place to invest your money right now
  • His step-by-step guide to wor...
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Episode 3: The one with Aaron Moore (Private Real Estate Deals)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:aaron moore

  • How to wholesale real estate in Canada
  • How to have home owners offer their house to you at such a deep discount, that you actually want to pay more than they ask
  • His unique strategy for putting together awesome Rent To Own deals
  • How to do a “Short Sale” in Canada
  • How to stick with it and succeed when you keep hearing the word NO!
  • and much, much more!

Aaron Moore c...

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Episode 2: The one with Quentin D’Souza (Full Time Real Estate Investor & Educator)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Quentin-DSouza-264x300

  • Quentin reveals his history using “The Smith Manoeuvre”
  • Why cat pee often equals big pay days for Canadian real estate investors
  • Quentin’s “Ultimate Wealth Strategy” and how you too can make some serious money this year using it
  • The story on why one of his partners decided to walk away from $100,000
  • Quentin’s outlook on the Durham Region real estate market going fo...
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Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Episode 1 (Amazing 2014!)

In the premiere episode of the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast, Rob & Sandy discuss:

  • Intro to the show
  • Goals of the show
  • The simple 3-step process to planning an amazing year where you actually achieve your goals
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