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Episode 62: Building Multiple Income Streams in Real Estate with Mr. Cashflow

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Mr. Cashflow:Adrian Pannozzo

  • How to quit your job and get into real estate full time
  • How to buy multiple properties each year even when the banks won’t finance you anymore
  • How to manage multiple 6 figure construction projects at once
  • How and why to build a great power team
  • The pros and cons of getting your real estate license when you’re an investor
  • And muc...
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Episode 61: Nicole Edmonds on Replacing Full Time Income with Cashflow

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Nicole Edmonds:nicole_edmunds

  • How to quickly replace your full time income with investment property cashflow.
  • The advantages/disadvantages of investing at a young age.
  • The mindset needed to succeed in real estate and attract money.
  • How to select the best market to invest in.
  • Where to find the best cashflowing income properties.
  • And much, much more!


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Episode 60: Sve Pavic On How to Buy Properties, Live Mortgage Free and Create High Cash Flowing Rentals Without Using Your Own Money 

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Sve Pavic:sve pavic

  • How to get started in real estate investing with very little money
  • What “House-Hacking” is and how you can do it
  • How to create higher cash flowing rental properties
  • How to buy properties using none of your own money
  • And much, much more!

Sve Pavic is a full time entrepreneur and investor who is passionate about creating passive cas...

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Episode 38: Maximize Cashflow with the Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent Strategy

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mysterious Mr. Cashflow: cashflow

  • How the buy, fix, refinance rent strategy works
  • How to build a great power team in an unknown city
  • Why Hamilton may be the best place to invest right now
  • How to find great tenants even in not so great locations
  • Why cashflow is king
  • How to find great cash flowing properties even in very competitive seller’s markets
  • And much, much ...
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Episode 5: The one with Tim Collins (Student Rental Investing)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:Tim Collins

  • How to earn BIG cashflow with student rental properties in Canada.
  • How you can quit your job within 12 months thanks to student rental investing
  • The importance of having a great team behind you and how you can build that team.
  • What to look for when analyzing a student rental property in Canada.
  • How to avoid buying the party house
  • What gazumping, gazundering an...
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