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Episode 50: How to Buy More Properties Using Little or None of Your Own Money with Kate Babkova

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Kate Babkova:Kate Babkova

  • How to set big goals for 2017 that you actually achieve
  • The “SMART” way to set goals
  • How and where to find joint venture partners
  • How to close the deal with joint venture partners
  • How to overcome objections when “pitching” ideas to potential joint venture partners
  • And much, much more!

Kate Bakova is a full time real estate in...

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Episode 10: The Mindset of Millionaire Canadian Real Estate Investors with Jeff Woods

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Jeff Woods

  • How to fire your boss
  • The 3 most important areas of life that wealthy people focus on
  • How to overcome Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as a real estate investor
  • How to build and run multiple businesses
  • The importance of overcoming adversities in life
  • Why its always your fault
  • The importance of developing systems
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with amazing pe...
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Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Episode 1 (Amazing 2014!)

In the premiere episode of the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast, Rob & Sandy discuss:

  • Intro to the show
  • Goals of the show
  • The simple 3-step process to planning an amazing year where you actually achieve your goals
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