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Episode 49: First Time Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent Investments

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Our Guests Sve Pavic, Sean Castelino, Darren Walker and Danielle Oliviera :

  • The biggest challenges they had to overcome during their first ever Buy, Fix, Refi and Rent projects
  • The lessons they all learned tht were most valuable
  • How to find and qualify contractors for your projects
  • What they each would change for their next Buy, Fix, Refi and Rent projects
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Episode 11: Joint Venture Real Estate Investments with Andrew Brennan

Here’s What You’ll Learn: Andrew brennan

  • How to invest in Canadian real estate using OPM (Other People’s Money)
  • How to attract MONEY for your Canadian real estate investments
  • What you need to look for in a potential Joint Venture Parter
  • How to set up your Joint Venture Agreement
  • What “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy” is and how you can utilize it
  • How to make a 100%+ Return on Investment right here in ...
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Episode 9: Fix and Flip the Profitable Way with Fidan “Frank” Geneski

Here’s What You’ll Learn:fidan geneski

  • How to fix and flip Canadian real estate full time
  • When it makes sense for you as an investor to become a licensed realtor
  • How to overcome your fears of renovating
  • The mindset you need to fix and flip real estate
  • The importance of a having an awesome team
  • Where to find potential flip properties
  • How to finance fix and flip projects
  • How to analyze properties and...
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