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Episode 47: Simplifying Your Life as a Landlord with Dylan Lenz

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Dylan Lenz:Dylan Lenz

  • Top mistakes landlords are making when it comes to tenant relations
  • How to strategically deal with (and avoid) problem tenants
  • Professional tips for new landlords
  • The current state of the rental market throughout Canada
  • Financial strategies to make your first rental a success
  • How to identify exactly who you’re renting to, before they move in

Dylan ...

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Episode 6: The 7 Freedom Activators (Part 1)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:free subscribe report

  • How to create more freedom for yourself as a Canadian real estate investor
  • Why you must treat your property like a business NOT a hobby
  • How and when to select your preferred tenant profile
  • How to compel your perfect tenant to respond to your ad and deter everyone else
  • How to attract, select and screen tenants properly
  • How to avoid the dreaded “professional t...
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