Episode 47: Simplifying Your Life as a Landlord with Dylan Lenz

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Dylan Lenz:Dylan Lenz

  • Top mistakes landlords are making when it comes to tenant relations
  • How to strategically deal with (and avoid) problem tenants
  • Professional tips for new landlords
  • The current state of the rental market throughout Canada
  • Financial strategies to make your first rental a success
  • How to identify exactly who you’re renting to, before they move in

Dylan ...

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Episode 46: Helping Your Real Estate Business Excel with Chuck Reynolds

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Chuck Reynolds:Chuck Reynolds

  • How to live life with an abundance mindset and the effect this can have on your life as an investor
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and live to your true potential
  • How to invest in real estate while saving plenty of time for your family
  • Strategies for adding value to properties
  • The importance of developing yourself and setting clearly...
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Episode 45: Legal 2nd Suites with Andy Tran

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Andy Tran:Andy Tran

  • The benefits of adding secondary suites
  • The difference between legal and non-legal secondary suites
  • Important items to look for when purchasing a house and adding a secondary suite
  • By-laws you must be aware of when attempting to add a legal suite
  • And much, much more!

Since 2011 Andy has been the Manager of Education Development for Carson, Dunlop & ...

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Episode 44: Scaling Your Real Estate Business with Jeff Woods

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Jeff Woods:Jeff Woods

  • How and when to delegate tasks
  • How to trigger exponential growth in your business
  • Jeff’s number one strategy needed for scaling your business
  • The type of people to look for when you’re hiring
  • How to feel great about giving up control in your business
  • Useful tools that you can use to stay organized and structured
  • And much, much more!

Jeff is an awar...

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Episode 43: Real Estate Networking and System Creation with Ben Eko-Davis

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Ben Eko-Davis:Ben Eko-Davis

  • The difference between Foreclosure and Power of Sale properties
  • The top tools and systems to make your real estate business run smoothly and efficiently
  • Why real estate investing is becoming more popular and how this affects you as an investor
  • Why real estate is a must have asset in your investment portfolio
  • The importance of networking in yo...
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Episode 42: Lessons Learned Buying 1 House Per Month and Keeping My Day Job, with John Kim

Here’s What You’ll Learn From John Kim: John Kim

  • How to make real estate investing fun!
  • Why real estate is one of the greatest wealth building opportunities ever
  • How to buy great properties in hot seller’s markets
  • How to buy properties without ever stepping foot in them
  • How to buy multiple properties this year without quitting your day job
  • How to attract joint venture money for your next investment
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Episode 41: Mothers Of Real Estate with Gillian Irving, Monika Jazik, and Rachel Oliver

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mothers Of Real Estate: Mothers Of Real Estate

  • Each of their stories going from beginners to expert real estate investors
  • Why they chose their particular areas of expertise
  • How to balance family life with business and real estate
  • How you to can get started in real estate no matter what situation you’re currently in
  • How to go from Confused to Confident in 7 weeks
  • And much, much more!
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Episode 40: Personal Branding with Julie Broad

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Julie Broad: Julie Broad

  • Why branding is important and how to do it at a high level
  • How to apply Julie’s MAGIC system to your branding
  • The most important questions to ask yourself when building your personal brand
  • The #1 thing you can do right now to improve your personal brand
  • Why communication is so important and how you can be better at it
  • And much, much more!

You ...

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Episode 39: The Sharing Economy with Glenn Carter

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Glenn Carter: glenn carter

  • What the sharing economy is and how it is affecting modern day real estate investors
  • How to make money in the sharing economy
  • How to leverage the sharing economy model to earn higher cashflow
  • Why the sharing economy matters and how it is affecting you as an investor
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about Glenn and the sharing economy at TheCasualCapital...

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Episode 38: Maximize Cashflow with the Buy, Fix, Refinance and Rent Strategy

Here’s What You’ll Learn From the Mysterious Mr. Cashflow: cashflow

  • How the buy, fix, refinance rent strategy works
  • How to build a great power team in an unknown city
  • Why Hamilton may be the best place to invest right now
  • How to find great tenants even in not so great locations
  • Why cashflow is king
  • How to find great cash flowing properties even in very competitive seller’s markets
  • And much, much...
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